How to Fix Missing .DLL Files or .DLL Not Found Error / Black Screen Error

When you have installed a game on your computer, you might get the ‘Missing .DLL File‘ error. This can be caused due to several different reasons. To solve this problem you must install all the _Redist programs that you get with every game from our site. Those programs should be installed once on your computer for most games. Sometimes you will get the black screen which is also due to one of the missing program in _Redist folder.

Some Common .DLL Errors:

  1. OpenAL32.dll (OpenAL Installer file / oalinst)
  2. XINPUT1_3.dll (DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer)
  3. XAPOFX1_5.dll (DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer)
  4. d3dx9_xx.dll (DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer)
  5. MSVCR100.dll (Visual C++ Redistributable 2019/2010)
  6. MSVCP110.dll (Visual C++ Redistributable 2012)
  7. MSVCP140_APP.dll (Visual C++ Redistributable 2015)
  8. VCRUNTIME140_APP.dll (Visual C++ Redistributable 2015)
  9. vccorlib140_app.DLL (Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2019)

You can also install these from the official sites (like Microsoft). Also some similar errors can be due to same programs, so always Google to find out what is the cause.

Other Missing DLL Files

Some of the games will show error of missing .DLL files that will be related to crack files. That happens when your Antivirus removes your crack files when you extract the zip file. Which is you should always follow the correct steps of “How to Play the Downloaded Games” page. You can recover it from your Antivirus if you check the removed files in it.