How to Add OnlineFix Files to your Game?

In this guide you will learn about what are OnlineFix files and how do they work for these games.

What are OnlineFix Files?

OnlineFix files are the files that make the game multiplayer. They are provided or created by the group. If any game has these files, then that game will work as multiplayer (co-op, online). Each game has different multiplayer features, some will have server functions and others will just be the co-op function, it all depends on the game and OnlineFix files.

How to Add OnlineFix Files to Your Game?

There are some games on Gamdie that allows you to play the game Online/Multiplayer/Co-op. Some of these games will require the OnlineFix files to make it work. We have added OnlineFix files separately for some games to allow users to choose to play offline or online depending on their choice.

  1. Download the Game and follow all the required steps.
  2. Now download the OnlineFix Zip file. You can download it from the game’s post in the “Download Link” tab with named OnlineFix button.
  3. Extract the OnlineFix files and copy all the files from the OnlineFix folder to the Game folder where EXE file is located.
  4. Now run your game and make sure Steam app is running in the background. (It will show Spacewar or some game, don’t worry about that)

Note: Always use a new account for Steam, Microsoft, Xbox, or any other required program for the game.